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CREATING healABILITY for Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

Dr. James F. Farley, DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

The 7 Mistakes Your Doctor Is Making And Why Your Peripheral Neuropathy Is Not Getting Better

Mistake #1- Diabetes is causing my peripheral neuropathy. Even if you have diabetes you probably have other coordinating factors. If you eat the standard diabetes diet you could be ruining your nerves.

Mistake #2- I did chemotherapy and I was told its command and to learn to live life with it. Chemo does commonly cause peripheral neuropathy but these are measures to take to help patients and resolve peripheral neuropathy after treatment.

Mistake #3- spinal stenosis is pinching on my nerves and that’s why I have peripheral neuropathy. You may have spinal stenosis but once again I’ve found most patients have 4-8 reasons for their peripheral neuropathy. If you work on other contributing factors you can get better.

Mistake #4- Alcohol created my neuropathy! Well maybe partially but usually with alcohol you may have intrinsic factor problems and other gastrointestinal problems that allowed the alcohol to do its damage.

Mistake #5- Toxins and drugs- statins (cholesterol drugs) kill nerves and muscles! This is well documented and these are some of the hardest cases to help if you are or statins or been on statins. That’s not good news for peripheral neuropathy, but help may still be available. There is usually a root functional cause that can be found why your cholesterol is elevated- that may be able to drop your cholesterol for good.

Mistake #6- No one evaluates the brain. The nerves are the trail of the brain. If the brain is not turned on properly- your nerves will not fire correctly.

Mistake #7- undiagnosed autoimmune reactions or diseases. Your peripheral neuropathy may be caused by your own immune system attacking your nerves. This is very common and usually NEVER EVEN MENTIONED.

If you want to get better, walk better, have less pain, numbness, electric shocks and jumping legs at night, you will need a new approach. It’s not your age and its possibly not permanent as you’ve been told. Find a doctor that is up to date and knows this information. If you’ve have tried all the drugs with little or no help than you deserve and should demand a new approach and probably a new doctor.

Note: if you are getting heat arrhythmia, GI disturbances, bladder urgency, kidney problems or other symptoms you may have these neuropathy problems in other nerves called automatic nerves. Fix the root functional causes and they can all get better. Don’t wait until you suffer or can’t walk- act now!

By Dr. James Farley, DC, BA, BS, MS, BCIM, FAAIM, FAIS

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