In this video, Dr. Farley discusses Parkinson’s disease, and his philosophy on treating it. There is no cure to the disease, but like most mental illnesses, it stems from many multifactorial issues across a person’s body and brain. Prior to being diagnosed, one might see symptoms like dysautonomia, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, and anemia, but these are all just different signs of biological problems. As these problems may stem from several different root functional causes, Dr. Farley proposes that one should regularly run functional testing. This will allow you to see where your body and brain’s gears are off, and will allow you to correct your brain and body’s mechanisms as best as possible. Ideally, correcting one’s habits and health should be individualized, allowing personalized neural biomedicine prescription plans customized for individual patients. By going after the causes of the problems in a patient’s body and brain, one can still create functional improvements in a patient’s health. To learn more about Parkinson’s and Dr. Farley’s approach for treating it, watch this video now or contact the office today with any questions.

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