In 1895 D.D. Palmer came up with the idea of stressors creating imbalances in the nervous system this creates dis-ease, which then creates disease. You must have 85% damage to the cells for you to get a symptom. There are 4 different types of stressors the physical, chemical, mental emotional, and auto suggestion. Auto suggestion means all of the different information and stressors that have been downloaded into someone’s nervous system. They are in the subconscious and running the subconscious. The stress response auto suggestion is the most damaging because it is subconscious. When we do the super 7 plus testing, we can find massive documentation that we have an abnormal allostatic stress load. The person may say they do not have any stress. We are not talking about current stress, we are talking about the stressors that are downloaded into that nervous system. This creates an abnormal allostatic stress load and creates chronic subluxation patterns. The treatments we give here work directly on these subconscious loops, wiring, and patterns that have been burned into your nervous system. It may take some time for those to free up. On a day-to-day basis from a mental emotional stress point of view, we have to not do what I call “stinking thinking”. It means keeping your brain focused on what you want, where you are going, and moving forward. Ruminating on ideas over again on a daily basis does not help to get better.

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